Flyers have proven to be very successful for many, many companies nationwide; however, we cannot guarantee that it will work for each and every business. Advertising is an investment and each business owner or manager has to make their best decisions on what will work for their particular business. If our product is tried and the results are not deemed as successful, we will work with that client and try and determine if there was a flaw in message and what could be done different to get the results. We can also work around your needs for different areas and pick the ones that suit you best. Don’t Be Fooled… Be wary of inordinately low rates! There are inherent costs surrounding reliable and credible distribution services. The logistics of the distribution process are very time consuming and takes a considerable amount of manpower to be completed properly. • Ask questions if the quote you receive is very low. • Ask for referrals or ask to speak to a current customer. Sometimes when you try to save a few dollars it is really costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Choose a reputable company that has a proven track record. Why are door hangers and flyers the most cost-effective forms of print advertising available today? If you have ever looked into print media advertising such as billboards, bus or taxi panels, magazines, or newspapers then you will have a better understanding of why these venues are so much more costly than door hangers and flyers. Dollar for dollar, these print venues are the most cost-effective that you can use to promote your company and your products or services.